Vishesh and Rohit have been on a journey to create loving artistic transformative interfaces to folks since the time they met.. (Probably even before they met) until their worlds collided..

Vishesh is holding the background workspace, supports the overall tech.. He is a solid, rock and architect to this space.

Our journeys were in some sense preparing each other to work and create 'products of beauty'..

We met at AoH in and have ever since been fast and 'thick as thieves' if one can use that metaphor 😝 and planning mischief, creating value in this world.. That brings our life a lot of meaning, the very attempt

We're still quite far away from cracking it but we hope to keep at it.. After all a life of joy and fun is good for the heart. We swear ask your doctors 🤣

With so much Love and Respect.

To get in touch, drop an email to [email protected]

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