Rohit Sasvehalli : Has been a coach and facilitator for the past 12+ years and worked with thousands of people. He is deeply devoted to and fascinated by what lies inside of the human spirit- the profoundness of it, how magnanimous it is. To discover this immensity and let it travel free as a thing of rare beauty, that is the attempt in everything he does. He is the heart anchor at AoH and curates the space with a lot of love and warmth.

He is currently the Founder of “Mithrandir – Walking with a Wise Friend”. He has a deep understanding of the ontological coaching approach (focused on the being) and the subtler nuances of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Gestalt (Feeling centric approach) among many other approaches.

He has had the opportunity to dive deeply into the field of awakening and consciousness and brings rare wisdom and love into his coaching & facilitation. After understanding many wisdom traditions and experimenting on himself, consistently he has a capacity to bring unwavering presence along with a heart full of openness, curiosity, Love, Silence and many practical tools that can enable a fulfilling life for people.

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