It’s a collective of folks who are keen to curate, explore and create their own Deep Heart Energy.. in tandem with those who are living and creating from the Heart..

Who is a Heartist?

Anybody who’s doing anything that flows from their heart.. A project at an NGO, creating music, dedicated to Health/well being, making movies, curating technology, art, cooking with love, a cobbler.. Anyone dedicated to their heart Space is a heartist.. Could be any and all of us.

<aside> 📌 If you are someone who is new to the space we'd like to offer you the option of attending couple of Meetups for free. **Sign up here.**


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<aside> 🍀 What does it mean to walk our path and discover our own artistry of Heart.. What are the challenges? Where is our own unique expression with regard to it all? And, how do we stay intimate with our vulnerable human-ness as we journey the Heart terrain? These are some Real questions we explore/contemplate upon.

At the core it’s about allowing one to awaken to the field of the totality of ones life and be in contact with the vaster flow of the Universe through us. Our own innate heart, alone and together in a wholesome way.


Rohit curates the space and is the Heart anchor for this invitation.

We meet every alternate Tuesday, online.

Our intention is to keep focused toward a group of committed people who are active, present to this process of Self discovery and exploration through genuine immersion, sharing, exploration and enquiry..

Basically, a well knit alive and Heartful group.

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You can choose any of the following ways to join :)

As a Guest

If you are someone who is new to the space and are on the fence about deciding, we'd like to offer you the option of attending couple of Sessions for free, and you can make your decision post that. **Sign up here.**


As an Enrolle

Rs 400 - 700

Pay monthly


Rs 1200 - 2100

Pay quarterly

We are an Intent only platform. Know more here.

What's available if you subscribe :

  1. Access to an incredibly beautiful community of like minded/hearted folks deeply dedicated to Truth and Love
  2. Be a part of live Heartist Gatherings -
  3. An interactive space via WhatsApp group to share our journeys & support one another
  4. Access to Recordings, session notes & short clips. (Current and previous)
  5. Access to AoH music playlist
  6. Access to the Journey Page of AoH Immersions.. Contains all themes, highlights, notes for you to refer back to whenever you'd like
  7. Anchor your own Silence,Restfulness and Peace through Group meditative, sittings.

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Thank you for your constant love everyone ♥️

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